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Rome Day 1

Jet Lag


Our flight to Rome was boarding as we raced across the Newark airport. Sally stopped at a gate. I said, “Keep going, quick, C128.” Sally shot back, “No, C138, 138, now, here, they are almost finished boarding.” We made it just under the wire, but we made it. Close enough counts.

It is now 6:40 PM (Rome Time), but it’s 40 minutes past midnight back home, and we have not been to bed for thirty-two hours (someone, check that math, I am drinking wine). Someone check my spelling.

We arrived at Leonardo de Vinci Airport of Rome just after 7, forty-five minutes out of Rome. The signs were clear, train this way. We found our train, but the high-speed train does not go to Trastevere, our neighborhood. 0d60f2e0-0f3a-11ec-8ebe-dbb48aed5da0.jpegThe local train took a few minutes longer. We emerged on a bustling street with various bus stops, tram stops, parking lots, honking, motor scooters, and an honest-to-God neighborhood. Not a fanny pack in sight. We were the only ones with suitcases. 0e8ca1a0-0f3a-11ec-8ebe-dbb48aed5da0.jpeg0de14670-0f3a-11ec-8ebe-dbb48aed5da0.jpeg

I found the tram stop with my phone, and with gestures and pointing to my phone, we caught Tram #3 closer to our apartment. Off the tram, we risked life and limb to cross a treelined boulevard and vanished into a narrow street full of stalls and people haggling over clothes.

We followed our phone to the address. It was near a small piazza with a playground in the middle. Massive double doors in a nondescript building opened to a cobblestone courtyard stacked with balconies. Texting with booking.com gave us the codes, and we were in. 0b3f4b60-0f3a-11ec-8ebe-dbb48aed5da0.jpegff9881a0-0f39-11ec-a7bc-e77fade4790e.jpeg

After washing our faces, we were off. After stopping at a small restaurant on a narrow street for lunch, we walked to the Tiber River then to our Hop-on and Hop-off bus. 0c25b3c0-0f3a-11ec-8ebe-dbb48aed5da0.jpeg10aa0360-0f3a-11ec-9d46-63283520a82e.jpeg Unfortunately, it seems our tickets were a scam. The company didn’t exist, but another bus was glad to sell us tickets. We spent the day riding around the center of Rome, listening to the audio tour, and getting off a few times. We finally wore out, walked from Circus Maximus to our neighborhood and our apartment. It was hot, but along the way, we stopped at the ubiquitous water fountains, spouting water. The water is good to drink, and they are everywhere. We picked up a bottle of wine, pizza, and a fried rice/cheese/bacon ball.

We have been communicating with the people who manage this apartment but have yet to pay. They seem a bit nonchalant about the money.

We are winding down, but it has been a good day. Tomorrow we begin with the Vatican.

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